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  • Pixyrs provide fully web based “Multi-Level Marketing Software" for network marketing Business Solution. Our most wide-ranging MLM Software offers the high class functionality required to begin even the most demanding MLM issues. This modified MLM Software plays a significant role in the achievement of MLM Company

Pixyrs provide fully web based “Multi-Level Marketing Software" for network marketing Business Solution. Our most wide-ranging MLM Software offers the high class functionality required to begin even the most demanding MLM issues. This modified MLM Software plays a significant role in the achievement of MLM Company

MLM Company works on different multi level plans and concepts to deal products or services by our team hard work. Pixyrs have a great team of MLM software developers, website design & development, software developers, support & services and testing team who have lots of years of experience in the MLM industry, design & development to approach the in-house and global MLM customers.

Pixyrs is an IT based solutions and service provider company that offering MLM Software Solutions custom-made to any business Downline Structure that provides Binary MLM Software, Matrix MLM Software, Unilevel or Australian MLM Software, Crowd-Funding MLM Software, Crypto-Currency MLM Software, Generation MLM Software, Helping MLM Software Plan, Hybrid MLM Software Plan, Level MLM Software Plan, Repurchase MLM Software Plan, and many more.

We produce online stores that create bringing earnings as soon as the project is finished. If you have the ability for business and require help from an IT expert, Pixyrs Softech is pleased to bring you the lost link.

MLM Business Plans
are listed below

Binary MLM Software

According to the binary business plan, there will be only two persons recruited in the association. The proposal of this binary MLM business plan could be simply understood by its person's name. The recruited persons get positioned on the left or right of the organization. This is one of the best earning plans in multi level marketing businesses which are useful for the members.

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Crowd Funding MLM Software

Under our Crowd Funding MLM software the foremost area we work on is the safety and backed organization as there is lost money transfer both offline and online so its require that one have to provide the further bit of protection to their customers. There are over 200 Crowd Funding Software features that we face but to take preview you can appoint us for free crowd funding software demo and we will plan everything as per your require.

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Crypto Currency System and trading software

Pixyrs Softech provides Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Software since 1.5 years, our Crypto Currency Exchange Software running fine for different currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Monero. Our software has been the perfect software that it suits the best pool for the Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Software.

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MLM Generation Plan Software

Generation MLM plan is an easy and a product selling plan typically in the direct customer products or in other terms we can say that this product is used on the daily basis. This generation plan is directly apply for a company who in the direct selling products on the daily basis. The Generation MLM Plan can be describing as an income sharing business as when a person’s sales a product the share to be dispersed; this is one motive it called as Generation MLM Plan.

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MLM Help Plan Software

Our Helping MLM Plan software is developed mainly for this detail plan itself so that you can handle the entire business module correctly and successfully. With our software support you can run your business regularly 24*7 and be in even touch with your down line associates.

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Top features of Our Help Plan Software

  • Well Maintain and secure to save your time
  • Different Level of admin
  • Multiple account management
  • Send Help (Auto and Manual both)
  • Transaction Management
  • Maintaining different level of Help Accounts
  • Bug free MLM Software
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Hybrid Plan MLM Software

In Hybrid MLM Business Plan, the downline associates will make higher profit in contrast to the sponsors of the multilevel marketing business. Basically, hybrid means a grouping of more than two, as precisely our developer’s intend and develops Hybrid MLM Plan software.

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Investment Plan MLM Software

We make simple MLM software for Investment Income Plan and also the database system of this MLM plan so that simply gets understandable. This MLM Plan is completely reliable on the basis of investment by the members, and gets profit provided by the MLM Company.

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Uni-Level MLM Plan Software

Unilevel MLM plan running many network marketing companies and also offer opportunities to each group (users and distributors) of this level MLM business plan to make money. The distributors will you employ downline, the more advantages you will obtain from multi level marketing industries as there is no width in this Unilevel MLM business plan.

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Matrix MLM Plan Software

This Matrix plan is based on the principle of width*depth or matrix multiplication. There are limited size of width*depth in this MLM business plan. The most significant features of matrix MLM business plan are its “Spillover". This means that when more associates get additional according to the width and depth then the “Spillover matrix plan" will take set. This gets combined with having approximately all compensations MLM plan.

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Repurchase MLM Plan Software

Repurchase MLM plan widely called generation MLM plan. This is fully a process of direct selling of goods to the customers. According to this MLM business plan, there is no any require of doing marketing of goods or brand as it totally social media advertising. Multi level marketing industries use this business recompense plan for their expansion and growth of their network marketing businesses. This business plan is helpful for the new joiners as they get total benefits and share when they attain the target of selling of goods.

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