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Money Transfer API

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Money Transfer API

Domestic Money Transfer or Remittance Service with IMPS technology is one of the majority demanding services these days in India. Become DMTS retailer to send money in behalf of your consumers. Since India is 2nd largest country in the world’s population. Most of the generations are still not linked with bank. The majority of banks in country or urban area are still very low. If anyone goes to the XYZ bank for transferring funds to his/her family / friend / else, he/she has to waste long time and require waiting in stand in line This is why public like better to visit DMTS retailer for transferring fund.Now you can simply get our enterprise of money transfer API and propose your MD (Master distributor), retailers and distributor instantaneous money transfer facility to any XYZ bank account within few moments.

With this capability, someone can send money to any bank account via online without any difficulty. Users net banking and own Personal information is safe during money transfer online there are no possibilities of any data stealing. The complete process of online money transfer is under secure and under the guiding principle of RBI.

Pixyrs money transfer API is not taken any additional charge for our services. We are not only working in limited areas but also working in overall world. Nowadays Pixyrs is one of the best in providing of domestic money transfer API. We also provide all types of Software with API integration such as mobile recharge software, credit society software, loan management software, eCommerce website development and much more. All software and APIs are reasonable with latest and advanced technologies.

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