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SMS Long Code

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SMS long code service is an additional inventive service from Pixyrs Softech in India. It aids you to reduce the cost of SMS sending to your end users and provides you all the features similar to a 5 Digit Number. SMS Long Code service is like as shortcode SMS service, the difference between short code and long code SMS is of digit number.

SMS Long code will aid you to make two way SMS platform for your requirements; our advanced technology not only produces your communication easy and fast it also assists you to cut the operational cost of pulling data from your web server. You may also download SMS Longcode incorporation manual from the link given below which will create integration simple with your web server.

Our Long Code Solution Features

  • Unique National
  • International reach
  • Automated Two-way Messaging
  • Easy to configure Auto Response
  • Unlimited Sub-Keyword
  • Machine automation
  • SMS Voting and contest
  • Reminder services
  • URL Response
  • Facility for multiple Query Processing
  • Easy Integration to Website ODBC Data
  • Lead Management
  • Sales force automation
  • Two way communication
  • Pull information from server

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