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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Pixyrs Softech we believe in the concept of payback. We celebrate our success by offering our services for social welfare.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept. Pixyrs Softech follows this concept and has integrated various processes to address social and environmental concerns. Pixyrs Softech believes in ethical developmental practices.

At Pixyrs Softech, we maintain a healthy working environment which is safe and unbiased.


Pixyrs educational institutes Support

Pixyrs Softech offers support and services to various educational institutes

At Pixyrs Softech, we support various educational institutes that are run by NGOs. We understand the importance of education in development of individual’s personality. We offer our services and support to various educational institutes who are working for social cause. We also help poor students by offering them scholarships so that they can continue their studies. Our country’s youth should be educated and well aware.

Pixyrs’ step forward towards spreading computer education

We at Pixyrs Softech, organize camps and classes for students who are willing to learn about computers and technology. We offer them free training and internship so that they can learn more about advanced technology.
Our IT professionals also volunteer as guest lecturers in colleges and universities. Our single motive is to spread the knowledge using all the possible platforms.

Pixyrs Softech computer EDUCATION responsibility
charity by pixyrs Softech

Charity by Pixyrs Softech

Pixyrs Softech is fortunate to have a staff that always participates with great enthusiasm in various charitable events such as fundraising campaigns and various other charity events. We are always ready to support any sort of philanthropic initiative.
We send our help to various parts of country for people suffering from natural calamities. We extend our services or support by giving donations in hospitals and schools.

Being Eco-Friendly is a culture at Pixyrs Softech

We follow various eco-friendly practices at our workplace. “Go Green” is our mantra. We follow various practices like minimum use of paper, saving electricity, save water and keeping the surrounding neat and clean. We have also made it a tradition that every employee needs to bring a plant and has to take care of it.
We also encourage our employees to commute using bicycles,stop using plastic bags and to follow various eco-friendly practices.

Eco-Friendly Culture Pixyrs Softech
Pixyrs health Industry Responsibility

Health is wealth

We preach this to every employee of Pixyrs Softech. We organize various sports competitions such as volleyball, basketball, cricket, etc. so that everyone can participate and develop a healthy body. Playing sports not only keeps us healthy but also teaches us importance of teamwork. We also organise routine health checkup camps for our employees.

Lviv IT Cluster


Pixyrs is an active member of the IT Ukraine Association and Lviv IT Cluster. We were among those who laid the foundation for the Cluster and continue to contribute to its development and growth. Moreover, Pixyrs is a co-organizer of IT-Arena, the largest international IT conference in Eastern Europe.

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