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Digital Marketing Service

We work to make your presence felt in the digital world.

At, Pixyrs Softech, we offer highly effective and efficient services to promote your business and to enhance your online reputation. Our all digital marketing methodologies are ethical. We do an effective analysis to precisely determine your target group and ensure that your business reaches this group efficiently.

We implement highly optimized and ethical approach to promote your business digitally.

Pixyrs Softech Digital Marketing Branding Service

Branding & Awareness

Branding of a business is very important as it gives your business a unique identity. Moreover, it is not only the branding that is important. One should also emphasize on creating awareness about that brand. So, an efficient marketing strategy is a combination of both “Branding” and “Awareness”.

At, Pixyrs Softech, we utilize similar approach and implement various methods to establish your brand and create its awareness in digital world. The entire process that helps us achieve this goal is known as Digital Marketing.


Content plays a very crucial role is entire process of digital marketing. It is only the content that actually appeals the target audiences. An effective content enhances the chances of lead generation and conversion rate. So, it is very necessary that the content on your website is SEO friendly and precise.
At Pixyrs Softech, we a team of expert content writers to write a precise content that actually enhances the results of SEO processes.

Pixyrs Softech Content Marketing Service
Pixyrs Softech SEO Service


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that aims at improving the website ranking on various search engines. The entire process utilizes various techniques to make the website rank among top 10 search results. We have a team that is proficient in all these processes such as Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Development and lot others. We are well aware of the potential of SEO Services and its positive impact on your business.


Social Media can turn out to be a very effective mode for online marketing, if we know its in and outs. Just sharing the posts does not help that much. It needs to have a proper understanding of various social platforms, This understanding helps to design an adequate content for a particular social platform that may generate maximum leads. So, with the help of research and understanding the way the particular platform represents the content, we can successfully reach the maximum number of target audiences within a short span of time.

Pixyrs Softech SMO Service
Pixyrs Softech PPC Service


Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing. It offers very quick results provided a thorough and accurate research about the client’s requirement and target market is done. At, Pixyrs Softech, we have a dedicated team for this and it has acquired a great expertise in various domains. We offer various pay-per-click services such as PPC remarketing, Display Ads, Video advertising, social advertising, etc. We also constantly manage our client’s account and also keep a track of bid prices. We have succeeded in achieving outstanding results due to our approach of offering customized solutions to each of our clients.


Pixyrs is an active member of the IT Ukraine Association and Lviv IT Cluster. We were among those who laid the foundation for the Cluster and continue to contribute to its development and growth. Moreover, Pixyrs is a co-organizer of IT-Arena, the largest international IT conference in Eastern Europe.

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