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Our team of experts ensures that we deliver the best technology to healthcare industry

Technology is a driving force for almost every industry these days. The same goes true for healthcare industry. There is no doubt in saying that technology has really impaired a great power to helathcare sector and has enabled helathcare professionals to achieve higher sucess rate. Pixyrs Softech is one of the most reliable service providers for healthcare software solutions.

Advent of technology in healthcare sector has increased the efficiency and growth of this industry, due to following reasons:

  • Cost to maintain a large staff is reduced
  • Efficiency has increased as software processes data accurately and quickly.
  • Diagnosis has improved, resulting in greater sucess rate.
Pixyrs health Tech Solutions

Develop trust and loyalty

All the software solutions offered Pixyrs Softech, lay great emphasis on security of patient's information. The information is stored on centralized loocation with great security, so that it can be easily accessed only by patient and authorized medical professional.

Automate your processes

Using Healthcare software offerd by Pixyrs Softech, you can easily automate your routine lab processes like data collection, creating test reports, etc. This will definitely help you enhance your efficiency and quality of service.

Manage Medical Data

Our helathcare solutions to store all the medical information of patient securely on a cloud location. This information can be easily accessed by authorised helath care professional, hence the time required to manually search the documents is saved and patient gets quick consulation service.

All the data is stored securely

Data security has always been a prime concern for Pixyrs Softech. The medical information and other personal information of the patient is stored securely on a centralized location. Our robust and reliable database architecture ensures highest level of security for clinical data.

Hospital Information management system

Healthtech software for hospitals helps various healthcare organizations to manage the end-to-end workflows using a single software. You can manage finance, adminstrative, operations and various other departments using a single software solution. It really helps in stramlining all the processes and increases efficiency of the entire staff including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others.

Pixyrs Hospital management system

How we work

Study your business requirements
Designing and Development
User Acceptance testing
Health Tech Business Requirement

Study your business requirements

At Pixyrs Softech, we have a dedicated team of business experts. These experts are well aware of all the technological advancements and market trends in healthcare sector. They study client’s requirements and also suggest them the better approach to get the most efficient solution for their business.


Pixyrs Health Tech Software Design & Development

Designing and Development

Our business experts then collaborate with our IT Professionals to get you requirements implemented. We follow a proper and well-defined process to develop a optimally designed, responsive and user-friendly software for your healthcare business.


Pixyrs health Tech software Testing

User Acceptance testing

The fully developed software is thoroughly tested to validate whether all the functional requirements are met. It is also tested as per the end users perspective by our business experts to ensure its usability and enhance the user experience.

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