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Research & Development

Being updated always helps us to develop efficient and optimized solutions for our clients.

Our R&D team is in constant process of learning new technologies and innovating new ideas. It really helps us to put our client’s dream to reality and that too in a much efficient and optimized manner.
If you have any business idea and are looking for some high quality and affordable solutions, then get in touch with us. At, Pixyrs Softech, we provide customized and functional software solutions.

We implement the client’s ideas and bring them to reality using latest technology and our innovative ideas.

Pixyrs Softech highly customized Research Development

Get highly customised solution

Our R&D team is very much aware of all the latest advancements in IT domain. And, our business analyst are in synch with latest market trends. So with the combined efforts of these teams we can develop a brilliant and affordable solution, specifically for your business.

Get a new identity in online market

Our R&D team also works on various aspects of digital marketing. This domain is evolving at a much faster pace. Hence, it is necessary to be updated about each and every development in the field of digital marketing. These efforts of our R&D team help us to effectively promote our client’s business online.

Overcome various challenges

Every organization has its own workflow and follows specific process. With the help of our R&D team we are able design tailor made solutions for our clients and also automate most of their processes.

Make you ready to hit the market soon

We always deliver the projects before the given deadline. Also our R&D team examines the way the users are going to interact with the solution, before releasing it finally. It helps us to make the required improvements and making the solution market-ready.

Pixyrs Softech R&D Solutions

How we work

Validating the idea
Creating a prototype
Providing MVP
Pixyrs Softech Research and Idea Validation

Research and idea validation

Our development team shares their idea and approach of development with R&D team. R&D team, in turn, looks at it and does its feasibility check. It also analyses the risks and technological limitations that development team may come across. This really helps in opting for the best suited technology so that we can deliver fully functional software to the client.

Next step

Pixyrs Softech R&D designing and prototype

Designing and developing a prototype

R&D team creates a prototype with all the details about their research. The scope of their research can include the entire end-to-end flow of application or can be confined to some areas of application; based on the budget and deadlines.

Next step

Scaling to MVP and beyond

Scaling to MVP and beyond

To check the market response for the suggest design or approach, our R&D team provides MVP to test and analyse the user’s interaction. This helps in making further improvements in functionality, if required, to enhance user experience.

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Services and Technologies

Our R&D services

Our R&D services

  • Doing research on technology and market trends
  • Working towards optimizing the approach
  • Working to enhance compatibility of application across various platforms
  • Develop responsive and user-friendly solutions

Technologies we work on

Technologies we work on

  • Java
  • Blockchain
  • .Net
  • Database management
  • Cloud Computing

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Our Technology

  • Dotnet Development
  • salesforce Technology
  • android Development
  • angularjs Development
  • bootstrap Development
  • cakephp Development
  • codeigniter developmnet
  • css3 developmnet
  • html5 design
  • ios Development
  • laravel developmnet
  • magento developmnet
  • mongodb developmnet
  • nodejs developmnet
  • photoshop developmnet
  • php7 developmnet
  • reactjs developmnet
  • wordpress developmnet
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