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Mobile Recharge Software Solution

Digital solutions for your recharge business that guarantee for your Business success.

All Mobile Recharge Software

Pixyrs Softech is IT Software company that offer reliable and robust all recharge software solution that easy to integrate with various APIs. These features enable our clients to broaden the spectrum of their services and expand their Business scope.
By using various APIs they can get ability to perform recharge for more than one mobile service providers and various others utilities as well. Mobility is another area where our team is putting constant efforts.
We have designed mobile app for mobile recharge that can work on Android, iOS and Nokia platforms. It really helps you run your business, while you are on the go.

It is very necessary to understand the power of Digitalization and utilize Recharge Software for your business success. Recharge business industries are now being completely operated online, thus having wider reach and optimal efficiency.

Our All Mobile Recharge Software Benefits

All Mobile Recharge software Benefits

We offer highly functional and effective mobile recharge solutions. With the help of our Software mobile Recharge you can not only speed up your processes but also expand your services by incorporating various recharge APIs with this software. By doing this you will be able to offer recharge services for more than utilities and various service providers. It really helps you to Automate your processes and supports almost all modes of online payment.

Not only this, our moble recharge software can be customized to a great extent. This offers you a great flexibility and ability to mold this software as per your requirements, for greater efficiency. We have provided support for almost all APIs such as GSM or CDMA recharge, travel portal recharge, DTH recharge and lot more. This enables you to expand your services/business as much as you want.

Pixyrs has a great vision of assisting you with all recharge software. We let you manage multiple retailers fulfill all your needs with bill payments. We have a team of software developers that ensure you run a business in a smooth manner. Meet us today and get your mobile recharge software designed right away.

So, you can reach new heights of success with this highly relliable, robust and yet affordable software offered by Pixyrs Softech.

Market Ready

It is easy to use and can be easilly integrated with all the available APIs for extended functionality.

It's Affordable

It is a highly cost effective solution, offering plethora of features and great performance.

Easy Customization

Easy to customize as per the requirements of your business. Hence offering you the efficiency and flexibility at the same time.

Post Paid & Utility Bill API

You can offer recharge and bill payment services for almost all utilities, such as Prepaid, Landline, Post Paid & Utility Bill Payments, by using same platform.

Our Mobile Recharge Software Modules

The mobile recharge software offered by Pixyrs Softech is highly functional as it is a package of various modules working together. It is not only limited to doing online recharge, but it has all the necessary features that are required to manage and run a business successfully. Some of its important modules are Customer Management module, Payment or transaction management, Credit fund management, Unlimited Recharge and SMS, Reports management, etc.

All Mobile Recharge Software Modules


Mobile recharge software solution enables your client to expand their business and also it is easy to integrate with various APIs. It is very important step towards the innovation in this digital world.

This mobile app for recharge works on iOS, Android and Nokia platform as well. You will find that it is too much user friendly and also minimize many problems.

The main benefit of this mobile recharge software is that it is helpful in make your process automatic and also supports almost all online payment modes.

Not at all, it also has all the necessary features which are required in managing the business properly. Some of its important modules are Payment or transaction management, Customer Management module etc.

We work in many languages for this mobile recharge solution. Here is the list of those languages.

  • Swift
  • Objective c
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • .NET
  • Javascript

Tools and Technologies



  • Swift
  • Objective c
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • .NET
  • Javascript



  • Xcode
  • App code
  • Android studio
  • Eclipse
  • Visual studio
  • Xamarin studio

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