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Logistics Industry Software Solutions

Enhance your business growth with highly optimized logistics software solutions

Logistics Management Software solutions by Pixyrs Softech is optimized and scalable solution that can be efficiently utilized by various logistics companies. This Logistoc software by Pixyrs Softech includes various modules to help you manage your entire business by just few clicks. Modules like navigation tracker, invoicing, online payment, etc. are really helpful in enhancing the productivity and saving time.

We offer both, web and mobile versions of our logistic software so that you may get the control even on the go.

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Pixyrs Softech Logistic Solutions

Efficient Management of logistic chain

Get a complete hold of your logistics chain with this software. It helps you manage the entire flow efficiently by providing you real time information and facilitates hassle free communication. Hence reducing the latency in operations and the cost involved. You can also easily collaborate with your employees, partners, clients and others for efficiently executing the flow.

Easy to use digital solutions

The technology is useless if it is not usable. We follow the same motto while designing our solutions. We keep in mind, the technology literacy of end user and develop the solutions accordingly. Therefore, all our solutions are extremely interactive and user-friendly. You can easily train your employees and customers and can get the maximum benefit out of it.

Creates a data pool for your analytics team

This logistic solution by Pixyrs Softech efficiently processes the huge consolidated data and offers your analytics team a great chance to do an in-depth analysis of your business model. The data is generated by your customers interactions, employees, facilities and various other departments involved. This data is very useful as it can help you to determine the loopholes or areas of improvement in your existing workflow.

Get financially strong and keep a check on expenses

This software is so much helpful in managing your expenses as well. It has very powerful reporting tool that can generate various complicated financial reports regarding your expenses, invoices, balance sheets, etc. This is very much helpful in deciding the strategies to further streamline your business model so that you can get the maximum out of it.

Save on transportation costs

Logistic software by Pixyrs Softech offers you a feature of dynamic scheduling. By using this feature, you can save more than 5% on fuel and also avoid delays in delivery. Based on the analysis of various reports generated by this tool, you can determine the most optimal routes and effective delivery facilities. You can increase your profits by many folds by implementing this approach as it will reduce your cost and enhance customer satisfaction.

Pixyrs Softech Logistic Industry Solutions

Optimize your warehouse

This logistic software also has module for warehouse management. You can easily manage the entire workflow and automate almost 90% of it.It really increases the efficiency as it enable you organize it better and effectively plan day-to-day activities.

Enhance your profits by implementing dynamic pricing

Our logistic software offers you an extensive analytics engine. Using which you can analyse your sales and do an accurate demand predictions. You can also use the consolidated data of customer interactions to do even more precise predictions about the demands. Based on these predictions you can update the pricing of your goods on dynamic basis and earn upto 30% more revenue.

Manage your fleet more efficiently

You can get all your transport vehicles linked with this software and can track all of them anywhere, anytime. You can also use analytics to determine optimal routes, better maintenance plans, make strategies to get hassle free operations, etc.

How we work

Initial consulting
Defining the level of customization
Designing and Development
Testing and maintenance
Logistic Software inital Consulting Process

Initial consulting

We research on your existing process or system and define the areas of improvement. This helps us in developing a broad and high level roadmap of the entire development process.


Pixyrs Logistic Software Customization process

Defining the level of customization

After analysing the current system, we come to know the updates we need to make in existing features and new features that need to be implemented. This helps us in deciding the extent of customization required in existing or newly designed solution.Based on the same we work on the requirement of tools and technologies.


Pixyrs Logistic Solution development

Designing and Development

The solutions is designed in order to enhance the user experience and is optimally developed to increase productivity of the entire organization. The system is developed in such a way that it can be easily integrated with various third party tools.


Pixyrs Softech Testing & Maintenance

Testing and maintenance

The entire solution is thoroughly tested for its usability and performance aspects. In case the further enhancements are required in future, our maintenance team is always ready to help our clients with all such requirements.

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Tools and Technologies

We specialise in

We specialise in

  • Integrated logistics
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  • Freight rate and ticket pricing calculation

Technologies we work on

Technologies we work on

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