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E-Commerce Software Solutions

See your business touching heights with our reliable E-Commerce solutions.

Get highly effective and responsive e-commerce Software development solutions from Pixyrs Softech to empower your business with the power of digitalization. These days, as we all know, all the businesses are going online. Hence it is very much obvious that how important it is to be on digital platform in order be successful. E-commerce solutions from Pixyrs Softech are highly user-friendly and easy to customize.

Get fast, effective and flexible e-commerce solutions from Pixyrs Softech.

Pixyrs Softech Ecommerce Solutions

Increase your reach to potential customers

Getting your business on digital platform can increase the count of potential customers enormously. The reason behind this is the fact that being on digital platform increases the reach of your business to the potential customers across the globe.

Manage your online store by yourself

E-commerce solutions by Pixyrs Softech is so user-friendly that you can easily manage your own store. Adding new products, maintaining inventory, applying discounts and many other such activities can be easily done by you.

Easy customization

You can easily customize your e-commerce software as per changes in your store and market trends. This feature makes e-commerce solutions by Pixyrs Softech as most preferred solutions.

No worries about payment

E-commerce solutions offered by Pixyrs Softech comes with integrated payment gateway and support various payment methods. In case you want some more payment options, you can easily integrate the required APIs with these solutions. All the payments made through Pixyrs Softech e-commerce solutions are extremely secure and hassle free.

Sell with Intelligence

You can see and analyze customer’s behaviour, most frequently sold products and lot more with highly accurate integrated analytics reporting available with Pixyrs Softech e-commerce solutions. With this information you can definitely increase your sales and customer satisfaction by implementing various strategies such as offering discounts, bundling the products that are frequently bought together and much more.

Pixyrs Ecommerce Solutions

How we work

Design and Development
Quality assurance
Pixyrs Ecommerce software Planning


In this phase of developing a e-commerce solution, we define objective of e-commerce website and its scope. A project plan is developed that has all the details of tools and technology to be used, resources and deadlines. The same are discussed with client and plan is finalized.


Pixyrs Ecommerce software Analysis


During this phase we define the audience such as B2B, B2C or others. Also, analyse the entire requirements. All these discussions are documented and shared with development team.


pixyrs ecommerce software design & development

Design and Development

We work on all the designing aspects such as placing of buttons, hyperlinks along with deciding the number of child pages, under the Home Page. Other decisions about selection of database and payment gateway are also made in this phase. Then the front end and back end development is initiated using various technologies as discussed with client.


Pixyrs Ecommerce Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

The entire solution is tested for various aspects such as functionality, behaviour with integrated system, handling the load and stress and various other aspects that define the solution’s performance and usability.

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